About GRHComputers' Tuition

GRHComputers offers tuition in Cheltenham's Warden Hill & surrounding areas.

Tuition in your home

GRHComputers offers tuition in your home. This service is available for those living in Cheltenham's Warden Hill & surrounding areas, and can be provided for a wide range of devices including:

  • ✔ Laptop & Desktop Computers (excluding iMac)
  • ✔ Smartphones (Apple, Android, Kindle, Windows & more)
  • ✔ Tablets (Apple, Android, Kindle, Windows & more)
  • ✔ Non-smartphones
  • ✔ TVs
  • ✔ TV Recording/Smart boxes (including Tivo)

Tuition is priced at an hourly rate dynamic to the tuition content, and can provided to individuals or groups up to five people. The price of our service is not dependant on the amount of people being taught. For more information regarding our tuition service, please contact us here.

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